The Jaliyah Brand was created by Jaliyah to supply items and services essential for all the babes to become the best and bossiest version of themselves. I am here to bridge the gap between wanting to become a business owner and being an up and running boss babe! I offer services to assist with starting a business and products that can actually be apart of your own business. The plan for The Jaliyah Brand is to house multiple brands run by our CEO which will each play a part in the overall goal of empowering boujie babes!

I know what it's like to be both a customer and consumer so I strive to provide the customer service that I would want to receive with every potential + returning boujie babe. Know that you can feel 100% secure that you are receiving top quality items at affordable prices along with the customer service to match when deciding to place an order with me
                                                            - Jaliyah Amirah VanGuine
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